Our Story


“One day our coffee was gone, and our initiative to bring more coffee just began.”

We are Erika and Mark-Jan, a young enthusiastic Costa Rican-Dutch couple. After we married, we decided to live in Holland and our adventure began. We brought some delicious coffee from Costa Rica for our personal consumption, especially because Erika wanted to keep the tasty tradition of drinking coffee in the morning and the afternoon and Mark-Jan loves Costa Rican coffee, as well. However, one day the coffee was gone and our initiative around bringing more and more products to Holland began. Having said that, we are glad to share with you the privileged experience of drinking the worldwide known first-in-class Costa Rican coffee!

Our Mision

” Ethical and environmental principles. ”

To offer you the opportunity to enjoy the quality, flavor, and international recognition contained in Costa Rican coffee cup, taking special of all aspects around sustainable environmental practices and equitable trade relationship

Our Vision

” Ethical and environmental principles. ”

As an import company of the “Costa Rican gold grain” and related products we want to bring to the European market our Grano de Oro coffee bean, taking care of steps along the whole supply chain, from the farms to their hands to ensure the environmental protection and fair trade in all our processes.